Better preparation for your medical consultant interview

Learn how to become the outstanding candidate on the short list for your chosen consultant appointment

When is your consultant interview?


  • I have been or I expect to be shortlisted
  • I need to make the most of pre-interview visits
  • My panel interview skills and confidence can be improved
  • I will welcome urgent help to prepare and practise

Within 3-6 Months

  • I am about to complete training
  • There is still time to prepare for this important stage of my career
  • Independent coaching might focus my final preparations

Under 2 years

  • Sub-specialty career choices are becoming clearer
  • I have time to develop medical leadership skills and experience
  • External coaching might extend my vision and confidence

A long time or never!

  • I’m still at an early stage of training, or…
  • I’m not a junior doctor
  • I’m keen to learn more about the implications of junior doctors developing their medical leadership skills and experience